Training is intended for business people who may well be doing what data scientists, or technical developers would be doing - To Analyze Mounds of Data!

Data Analytics may sound frightening and technical, but this training is to have business-minds really understand data, AND identify some tools that make data analytics look like child's play!

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Module 1: Introducing Workbench
✪ Workbench (DSWB) Features
✪ Creating an Account
✪ Managing data within My Data
✪ Preparing data with OpenRefine

Module 2: Introducing Jupyter Notebooks
✪ Getting started with Data and Notebooks
✪ Sharing your Jupyter Notebooks and data
✪ Apache Spark in Jupyter Notebooks

One principle of data science is to extract useful knowledge from clean data - to solve a business-problem. May sound obvious, but this involves processes within Data Analytics, namely:
✪ Identifying and Formulating the Problem;
✪ Choosing a method;
✪ Evaluating the solution;
✪ Formulating a Strategy;

Another principle is that some data items can give us information about other data items - this implies finding correlations among variables, in the specific design of data mining procedures.


Module 3: Introducing Zeppelin Notebooks
✪ Zeppelin for Scala and Getting started
✪ Managing your Interpreters in Zeppelin
✪ Apache Spark in Zeppelin Notebooks

Module 4: Introducing RStudio IDE
✪ Upload files, Install Packages and Load Libraries
✪ Getting started, Environment and History
✪ Apache Spark in RStudio IDE

Module 5: Introducing Seahorse and it's Features
✪ Get Started - Create & Upload Seahorse Workflows
✪ Export & Clone Seahorse Examples on DSWB

Training Objectives
Great Chefs become professionals by applying their skills (craft), not just reading books about cooking.
Participants access tools that may seem overwhelming initially.
IBM's Workbench lets them play and build their skills.
Participants will learn about:
✪ Open source tools running on the Cloud;
✪ Managing data within My Data;
✪ Preparing data with OpenRefine;

Building analytics with tools such as:
✪ Jupyter - interactive Data Science;
✪ Zeppelin - Interactive Data Analytics;
✪ RStudio IDE - Create & Run R-apps;
✪ Seahorse - Create & Upload Workflows;

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