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Connect For Success: Get a life - infuse ready-to-use, world-class collaboration capabilities through software as a service (SaaS), on-premises and hybrid deployment models.
Technology is empowering people, and cloud-n-social technologies are transforming the world, unlocking new ideas, opportunities and business growth - people are engaging securely, collaborating and innovating anywhere-everywhere-allTheTime.
Affordable Cloud Solutions:
Cloud Solutions ... made AFFORDABLE ...
Businesses need to transform their customer interactions and gain more business through Cloud Computing. "Cloud" is powering growth and enables business strategies, new products/services and improvement to business-processes - with speed.
Government - In A Digital World:
Governments see opportunity in digitizing their business-processes to better serve citizens and improve internal processes. Lack of funding and outdated systems hamper these efforts. However, core processes need to be digitized by sharing service-captures and case management.

Big Data-Watson Analytics

Big Data Analytics: Enabling businesses to drive better data-driven decisions is a focus-area.
Getting insights to all stakeholders quickly is critical to delivering fast and correct action - this is now an imperative.
Next Gold Rush: Companies are scrambling to make the most of "Big Data" goldmine. Knowing that it's value exists is one thing - extracting and putting it to use is another. Finding the EXPERT to extract and derive value - seems to be the biggest challenge.
See the Forest, and the Trees: The volume of images and videos posted to social media sites every day is staggering, with billions posted to the top five sites alone. This image traffic is communicating important things about customers, competitors and the marketplace. How can you tap into this goldmine?
Watson - how it works!: When Watson goes to work in any particular field - it learns language, the jargon and the motive thought of that domain. Take the term cancer for instance there are many different types of cancer and each type has different symptoms and treatment however those symptoms can also be associated with other diseases, other than cancer. Treatments can have side-effects and affect people differently - depending on many factors.

Data Analytics

  • What if you could tap into information to uncover lucrative business opportunities!?!
  • What if you had the inside information you needed to retain customers, or improve research!?!
  • What if the decision-making process could be made with certainty and predictability!?!
Searching for a baseball-glove in a old dark closet is nothing like finding a singing bird hide in a tree - different objects, different environments, different methods.
BigDataAnalytics Likewise at companies today, different types of information reside in so many different environments and are stored in so many different formats. To extract meaning from what you have, quickly, is becoming almost impossible.
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